.Net Training

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.Net Training

Best .Net Training in Noida..!

To enrich your professional career, ping Best .Net Training Institute in Noida- contact which is known as one .Net Training Institute in Noida or Call us Career Enhancement Group Noida, offers you unlimited boundary of best .Net training in Noida to equip yourself and matches the corporate needs, the course & syllabus we offer, prepared by Leading high sound technical professionals from well reputed companies. We provide best .Net training in Noida with placement in all companies across India.

Why choose Career Enhancement Group for your .Net Training?

Live project based Practical training by highly skilled & technical working professionals from Top Companies
Having exposure on real-time .Net Applications
Building a relationship with students & trainer – online session helps to bridge
Placement ties up with more 100+ companies across major cities Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc.

Our .Net training syllabus and materials are well designed by Technical Managers of our existing IT clients which helps students to understand and practice better in lab classes and also can be customized based on your expectations too.

Please walk-in to best Android training – Career Enhancement Group at Sec-02, Noida to know more about .Net training Syllabus.

Best .Net Training in Noida includes following Courses.

Introduction to .Net Framework
Framework Architecture
Types of Applications
.Net Languages
Common Language Runtime
Memory Management under CLR
Common Type System (CTS-)
Base Class Libraries, Assemblies
Advantages over other Languages
Visual C#.Net
Introduction to C#. NET
Fundamentals of C# Program
C# Predefined Types
Conditional Statements
Iteration Statements.
Object Oriented Programming Techniques in C#
Class & Objects
Polymorphism Programming with C#
Data Types
Integer, String, Datetime etc.
Delegates & Events
Dot NET Framework Class Library
Creating Windows-based Applications
Creating the Main Menu
Common Dialog Boxes
Custom Dialog Boxes
Creating and Using Toolbars
Creating the Status Bar
Combo Boxes
File Handling
MDI Application Building
Exception Rising
Exception Handling & Debugging Win Apps
Errors: Compile Time, Run- Time & Logical Error Handling: Writing
Creating & Logging Exception Handling in Code
Console Applications
Introducing ASP.Net
Client Server Communication
Three-tier Architecture
Namespaces & Objects
HTML Controls
Server Controls
Validation Controls
Web Forms
Master Pages Building Controls
Use of Controls
Binding Data to ASP.Net Server Controls
Accessing data from a database using ADO.Net
State Management and Web Configuration:
Client Side
Server Side
Web Config File
Global File
Debugging and Tracing Errors
Template Controls:
Grid View
Data List
Form View
Security in ASP.Net
Introduction to Web Security and Authentications
Security Considerations Relationship between llS and ASP.Net
Authentication Methods
Authorization & impersonation Code Access security
Introduction to ADO.Net
Implementing ADO.Net
Components of ADO.Net Object Model
Connecting to Data Base Using Data Adapter
Accessing Data Base through a Data Set
Data Binding, Filtering and Sorting.
Services in ASP.Net
Windows Services
Web Services
Services Response & Request Format
BAPI in .Net
Ajax in .Net
Introduction to ASP.Net AJAX-
The Script Manager Control
Update Panel Control & Update Progress Control
Timer Controls
Dynamic Lay Out Property
Using AJAX in ASP.Net Application


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